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So, I haven't updated in a long time. Whoops. The last few times I've used LJ it's been for ACNL communities and even then, I haven't posted much. Mostly I use Tumblr for blogging and art. I don't know if anyone who is even reading this is on Tumblr, but if you are, let me know so we can follow each other there too yay! Mine is http://buttersketches.tumblr.com/

Actually, not much has changed since my last update. Still selling Avon, still babystitting. Neither brings in much money, and I'll probably have to get a real job, which I'm dreading. Part of the reason I wanted to work from home was because of anxiety issues. I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but in the last few months at the grocery store, I started having really bad aniexty when the store got busy. It wasn't at the level of a full-blown panic attack, but they were getting worse and I was dreading summer. But now the idea of job interviews and all that crap gives me anxiety and I just...I just want to work from home. I've been toying with the idea of setting up a patreon or something to maybe bring in some extra money.

I got Lost Valley back in the fall. I know the fandom was really divided over it, but I was looking forward to it and had a lot of fun while it lasted. I pretty much stopped playing after I restored the seasons. Never even got married, but I was planning on marrying Hunter.

I got some money for Christmas and while most of it is being set aside for a rainy day, I earmarked about fifty dollars for a new video game. I was thinking at first of getting Alpha Sapphire, but I've decided to wait for Story of Seasons. I'm curious to see how XSeed will handle the series.

A Job Well Done Chapter 6

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AN: I'm so sorry that it took me so long to update! This is the final chapter!

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Dec. 8th, 2013

Thanksgiving was nice. We all went to my aunt's house. When I was little, my aunt and her kids would come to Jersey, to my Grammom's house for Thanksgiving, so this really felt like old times. My cousin's kid and my nephew played together really cutely, despite Gavin being almost four and Liam being not quite one.

The day after Thanksgiving, though, I started to get sick, and I haven't quite been able to shake it. Either that or my lowered resistance from the flu I had last weekend let me open for something else. That would be my luck.

The Avon business is picking up. One of my neighbors ordered something last time and I've had a few sales from my online store. Money is still tight, so I'm taking art commissions to help: http://buttersketches.tumblr.com/post/68844289500/buttersketches-hey-guys-im-really-in-a-pinch

Oh, and a happy belated birthday to arcaneja!

Butter is Open Again

I still have a lot of stuff left from yesterday,  so I'm opening my gates again. All of the stuff on the ground in the plaza and by the train station is free to take. I'm not exactly sure what's left, but there are some paintings (genuine,  I think), Halloween stuff and extra mush series items and lots of clothes.


I'll mostly be afds :)


Feel free to shop, explore and write to the animals.


My fc is 4468-2282-7535


I swear,  the Harvest Moon fandom is the only fandom on Tumblr that doesn't want to marry middle-aged men

I haven't had a proper update in quite a while, huh? Nothing much has changed. I need to find work, but it seems that very few places are hiring. I thought that stores might at least be hiring seasonal help, but I haven't seen anything. I've been trying to find online work, but I'm hitting dead ends there. Since my computer seems to be behaving itself, I might expand my art commissions.

Anyway, paid off my entire house loan in ACNL, which is the first time since the original AC game that I've done that. I got bored of WW and CF long before I could pay off my loan. I wanted to pay off my loan before Pokemon XY come out (I'm getting Y as an early birthday present), so for the last few weeks I was really abusing the island. XD

Open Gates in Butter

I decided to clean out my closet, so there's a large pile of free stuff in the plaza.  I'll probably be AFDS most of the time.


Do's and Don't's


-write weird letters to the animals
-post weird messages on the bb


-chop down trees

Help with Gracie?

Gracie's in my town and she wants the historical theme, which my catalog is sadly lacking in. I'm assuming that as long as the clothing matches the given theme, it doesn't matter if I wear, say, a beige knit shirt and armor shoes with samurai pants and tiny shades?


Anyway, I'm looking for the following:
armor pants
burglar pants
caveman shorts
gold armor pants
knight's helmet
powdered wig
retro glasses
rimmed glasses
samurai pants
scale armor pants
tiny shades
traditional hat


If you have anything let me know so we can work something out!

Butter will be open!

I'm kind of under the weather today, so I'm going to work on some much needed gardening and landscaping. There's a small pile of free paper by the train station and buried treasure on the beach. Feel free to shop, explore and write weird letters to the animals.

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