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Took a walk down to the mall today. It's really close, about a fifteen minute walk, but I'd never been before today. It looked rainy, so I decided to carry my bigger bag so I could bring my umbrella, only to realize when I went to buy something, that I'd forgotten my wallet in the old bag! >_<

Because the weather was iffy, I had debated whether or not to bring my 3DS. I decided for it, since I wanted more play coins and I even got some streetpasses! Just one piece left in that Link puzzle! The other streetpass was for the ACNL HHA plaza. This house was better than the last HHA spotpass house (seriously what is up with that house? I don't know how houses get chosen for spotpass, but the last few have been interesting, but this one *shakes head*.)

So, yeah, forgot the wallet, remembered my game system.

I really need to get out and walk more. I wasn't in great shape before I moved, but now I'm not even getting the exercise that came from a somewhat physical job.

AC QR Codes

It's late, so I'm just gonna link to my Tumblr posts

Popuri Standee

Lemonade Sundress

Bluebell Dress

HM Cow

arcaneja thank you for all the axes. The less I have to deal with creepy sloths, the better :'D

Jul. 13th, 2013

So, we're all moved in. It seems pretty nice down here. The house is fairly old, built in the early 20's and full of quirks. I like it. Most of the other houses in our neighborhood are just as old,  so the whole street is very charming.  Some of the houses are better maintained than others but none really stand out as being much nicer or much shabbier than the rest. The people are all friendly.


I haven't found work yet. The car decided to act up right before we moved and I can't really look for work until it gets fixed. I have some money saved up and I'm thinking of doing art commissions until I can look for a job.


One downside of moving is that my old Comcast email no longer works. I've been using Gmail more and more, but it was still linked to a few sites that I still use. I was able to switch most of them but LiveJournal is one of the few that I can't.  I always stay logged in so I've forgotten the password.  It won't let me switch without my old password and I can't retrieve it so...I poke around with it some more tomorrow, but if that won't work, I might have to switch accounts or something.

Big News

So...an update to the whole moving thing. We couldn't find a house around here that suited our needs. Everything that was the right size was too expensive, everything the right price was too small. So we decided to look elsewhere, in other states where we have family living...and so we're moving to West Virginia.

It's kind of scary, but I'm excited too. I've never lived anywhere else. I'm moving closer to some family, but moving away from others. I get to leave a job I'm not happy with, but I have to find a new one.

...this ended up being so short for such a big thing


Oh good lord, I nearly gave myself a heart attack just now. I wanted to get my pictures of my 3DS, so I popped the SD card out of the system and stuck it in the camera. Got the pics off and popped the SD card back in. Turned it on and...my downloaded games (including ACNL, and Oracle of Ages and Seasons) were gone. I was so upset! After a minute or two of freaking out, I taking the SD card out and putting it back in...and that worked! I breathed a huge sigh of relief. :'D

So of course, I had to turn my game on to make sure it was working okay. You know how when you turn it on, you see a little animation of one of the animals wandering around by their house? I was never so happy to see Al's ugly mug. I'm going to write him a letter and attach a nice present.

A Job Well Done Chapter Five

Title: A
Author: B
Fandom: Harvest Moon
Wordcount: 2974
Characters: Lillian, Mako
Pairing(s): Lillian/Mako
Genre: romance
Warning(s): age difference

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So, after nearly a year, things with the landlord have been settled.  As you no doubt guessed from the title,  things went in his favor, on a technicality.  So, we two months (less actually, since this was settled on Monday) to find a new place to live.


There's nothing around here. Anything that has enough room is terribly expensive.  Because of Hurricane Sandy,  things have gotten even worse. There are far fewer houses available. Some of the houses that took damage in the storm are becoming available,  but they've had so many renovations,  new flooring,  new appliances, that they are more expensive now than before!


We're actually seriously considering leaving Jersey altogether.


I haven't updated in awhile, huh? Not much going on here. Still having crap with our landlord. We're trying to find a new place, but there aren't many options. :S

I decided to restart Pokemon Black 2 as a Nuzlocke. It's...going okay. I'm having a hard time keeping my team members alive. I was orginally thinking of doing a comic based on my game, but it got really boring...I caught a Purrloin...and it's dead. I caught a Marill...Nope, that died too. Hey, look, a Pidove...! Crap! So, I stopped documenting it. Of course, after I stopped, I was started doing better and managed to keep my Darumaka alive through two gyms. It died while I was level-grinding. Not even in a trainer battle. I was originally going to trade my fainted Pokemon over the GTS (the idea being that they were being reincarnated and finding a new life with a new trainer), but now I'm a little reluctant to give Dolly away to just anyone. I might trade her (along with N's Zorua, which also fainted) over to my copy of Pokemon White. :S

A Job Well Done Chapter Four

Title: A Job Well Done Ch. 4
Author: Butterscotch
Fandom: Harvest Moon
Wordcount: 2088
Characters: Lillian, Mako, Kana, Georgia, Howard
Pairing(s): Lillian/Mako
Genre: Romance
Warning(s): age-difference

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Jan. 19th, 2013

Hey! Hey, you guys remember that MLP fancomic I was talking about a while back? well, It's officially launched! \(^_^)/

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